Jared Spool will kick off the day discussing what skills designers and their organizations must have to deliver great experience design, followed by six compelling case studies from real UXers from around the Detroit area. We'll wrap up the day with a special keynote presentation. You don’t want to miss this local show focused entirely on user experience!


The Gem Theater
333 Madison Avenue, Detroit, MI
The Gem Theather is located next to the Detroit Athletic Club, across the street from Music Hall and 36th District Courthouse and within walking distance of Greektown Casino, Comerica Park and Ford Field.


  • 9:00 AM

    Registration and Breakfast

  • 9:45 AM


    It's a Great Time to Be a UX Designer

    There’s never been a better time to be a designer. After years of wishing we’d have the recognition and appreciation for the value we bring, we’re now highly sought after for our talents and skills. A growing number of organizations have seen success through great design, from Apple to Cirque de Soleil to the White House. Others now want to get the same results. The demand for great designers has never been better.

    Yet, as the proverb says, “Be careful for what you wish for, lest it become true.” Now that everyone expects us to deliver great things, are we ready? While we’re presented with more opportunities than ever, we also have increased challenges.

    Creating great experiences needs a new breed of designer. One that can handle all the skills involved, from visual design to coding. Some might even call it a ‘unicorn’, but these creatures aren’t mythical. In fact, they are alive and thriving in today’s design teams.

    About Jared Spool

    Jared Spool took UX to a new level in 1988 when he launched UIE. And by, "to a new level," we mean "validated UX as a vital component of our work, then spent the next 25 years conducting research and writing tirelessly to keep validating it."

    Jared often can be found onstage, where he captivates crowds with stunning data that reveal how UX can affect a company’s bottom line. He's helped thousands of companies worldwide to increase their profits, identify interaction failures, and integrate UX research and design into their product development cycles.

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  • 10:45 AM


  • 11:00 AM

    UX Presentations and Case Studies

  • 12:30 PM


  • 1:30 PM

    UX Presentations and Case Studies

  • 3:00 PM


  • 3:15 PM

    Closing Keynote Presentation

  • 4:15 PM

    After Party